How I can help you

I can help you become a proficient leader of a nonprofit organization through implementation and understanding of management principles, practices, and nonprofit standards. I am well-versed in nonprofit management principles and practices which cover:

  • Board Relations
  • Marketing
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Planning and Alliances
  • Finances
  • Grant Writing
  • Nonprofit Standards
  • and more.

I was appointed to serve at the national level in my nonprofit sector on the National Institute of Senior Centers, a constituent unit of the National Council on Aging. I played a major role in a research project which examined senior centers across the nation and helped to develop a report on New Models of Senior Centers which has been disseminated nationwide. 

The knowledge I learned at the national level and by working on this research project literally helped me and my board save our nonprofit. As the old model of senior centers (nutrition sites) disappeared due to the emergence of assisted living facilities and home-delivered meals, we stayed relevant by changing to a healthy aging fitness center with additional activities, programs, and services. We continue to be a thriving asset to our community despite changing times.


Areas of Expertise
  • Government & Regulations
  • Non-Profit

Industry Experience
  • Real Estate, Rental & Leasing
  • Nonprofit, Public and Professional Organizations


Certified SCORE Mentor, SCORE, Certificate, 2019-present 
   001 Volunteer Orientation
   002 Mission, Vision, Values
   003 SCORE Today
   004 Code of Ethics
   005 SCORE Certified Mentor Certificate
   006 Introduction to CORE
   007 Measuring Success
   008 SCORE's Culture of Inclusion
   010 Business Advice Now Certification
   011 Mentoring with Video Technologies
   012 Meeting Client Needs Through Virtual Mentoring
   101 Powerful Listening and Questioning
   102 Facilitation Skills for SCORE Volunteers
   103 Respecting Diversity at SCORE
   104 Understanding Generational Divides
   105 Understanding Communication Styles
   106 Empathy in Practice 
   107 Tools for Connecting with Clients
   108 Understanding and Mentoring Diverse Clients
   109 Understanding Generational Divides
   110 Enriching the Client-Mentor Experience through Effective Listening
   112 Empathy, Communication, and Keys to Working More Effectively with Clients
   113 SCORE's "Hidden" Resources
   202 SCORE's Culture of Inclusion Resources

Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), Society of Certified Senior Advisors, Certification, 2006-present
   1. Aging
         Trends in Aging
         Aging and Society
         Physiological Changes of Aging
         Mental Health, Grief, and Loss in Later Life
         The Experience of Aging
   2. Aging within the Family and Community
         The Family and Social Support Systems
         Caregivers and Caregiving in America
         Home and Community-Based Services
   3. Health and Mental Health
         Chronic Illness in Seniors
         Senior Nutrition, Fitness, and Healthy Lifestyles
         Cognitive Aging
         Spirituality and Aging
         End-of-Life Planning
   4. Financial Literacy
         Estate Planning
         Financial Choices and Challenges for Seniors
         Long-Term Care Coverage
         Funeral Planning
   5. Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security
         Medicaid and Seniors
         Social Security and Supplemental Security Income
   6. The Community of Certified Senior Advisors
         Ethics in Doing Business with Seniors
         Marketing to Seniors
         Now That You are a CSA

Blandin Community Leadership Program, Blandin Foundation, Fergus Falls Graduate, 2005-2006
   Three Core Competencies for Community Leadership
   Tools for Framing Ideas
   Tools for Building and Using Social Capital
   Tools for Mobilizing Resources

Freelance Writer, Lake & Home Magazine, 2004-2009
   Conducted interviews and wrote a variety of articles on lake homes and the building industry.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Certificate of Excellence, Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership and Management, 2001
   Board Governance
   Mission-Based Management
   Outcome Measurement
   Resource Development
   Social Entrepreneurship
   Strategic Alliances
   Strategic Planning
   Volunteer Management

Fergus Falls State Community and Technical College, Business Administration Course,1994

Aberdeen Central High School, Diploma, 1971-1974

Distributive Education Clubs of America 1973-1974


Communication Methods

  • In Person
  • Phone
  • Email